Design Challenge Recap – May Edition

Design Challenge Recap – May Edition

This month of May the community witnessed two design challenges namely: The Beginners Logo design and The Pro UI design Challenge.

Each challenge featured designers with a flair for the category and expert judges to weigh their designs against given guidelines, and  eventually award first, second, and third place based on their fulfillment of the guidleines.

Here’s what went down this month of May

Logo design – Beginners

The art of translating brand personas into shapes was a beginner’s one judged ably by Tobi otun the theologist turned expert designer.

The brief was to a minimalist Logo for the fiction Brand Tinka, with trust reliability, and effectiveness as key elements the logo should convey.

The beginner challenge is  the community’s way of encouraging entry level designers ( who form a major part NGD) to flex their design muscles and grow powerfully!

Here are the winners below and comments from chief judge Tobi otun on how they fulfilled the brief

1. Chidera Basil- 1st position

Winning logo design for the NGD’s 2022 beginner’s category.

Image credit: Chidera Basil

comment: This was one of the best entries for this challenge. The logo was extremely simple yet unique. Your presentation was great from your concept to your grid and your use of mock ups. I particularly love your fliers, Keep it up.

2. Adebola Iyanu Adebayo – 2nd Position

Logo design of 2nd runner up  Adebola Iyanu Adebayo

Judges comment: Really good attempt and a unique outcome for a logo.Good use of color and great presentation. I specifically like how you combined information in the brief and made it vivid but simple, that is really creative and that’s what we’re looking for. Keep it up.

3. Kofi Essien & Ocheme Emmanuel – 3rd position (Joint)

  • Korfi Essien: Lovely approach and work flow you have here, I really love your execution of the concept with the bird and the T begin really unique but evident and the presentation was top notch. However, the only downside was your colour usage, which should be improved upon.
  • Ocheme Emmanuel : Amazing concept. Simple yet it says a lot about the brand. It on its own gives a sense of security and reliability. Beautiful execution with clear details and explanation. Only downside is learn to make your colors consistent throughout your presentation.

UI Design challenge – Pro

The Pro UI design challenge was held this month with a feature of 24 contestants all judged by designer Emmanuel Nwogbo. The brief was ‘booklurvs’ a fictional dating app, centered on promoting meetups between singles based on their mutual love for books.

Below are the winners and how their submissions fulfilled the brief.

1. Sofiat Amoke1st position

Winning UI design for the NGD’s 2022 Pro category.

Comment: The layout is simple and well organized. Sofiat demonstrated a strong understanding of the brief. Her concept features all the basics of a modern dating app and the hook (bookluvrs gimmick). The concept is also well presented and explained. Intuitiveness and functionality are also very strong points.

2. Nelson Mojolaoluwa -2nd  position

2nd Runner up, Nelson Mojolaoluwa’s UI design for the NGD’s 2022 UI category.

Comment: You’re an experienced UI designer so as expected buttons, fonts, spacing and color are consistent throughout the app. Usability is also on point.

3. Yahaya Nazir – 3rd position

3rd Runner up, Yahaya Nazir s UI design.

comment: The visual design is clean and modern, navigation structure is straightforward, and the choice of typography is legible and suits the app’s overall style.

An important point: Many submissions neglected the simple rules for minimal design submitting complex designs that delayed our judges from an early verdict.

Simplicity is a  a powerful tool. We urge creatives in the community to get on with learning this skill for creating easy to understand designs at a go!

The goal is to keep you motivated. 

Designers quit the art when the embers run out i.e. when nothing pushes them to engage their passions,  level up their skills or funds for keeping the lights run out!

NGD offers amazing resources to keep you motivated on your design journey so you don’t loose steam . From engaging competitions on our Facebook community to live masterclasses, resources for learning and a platform for earning good pay … We got you covered!

Its worth noting that the online challenges weren’t our sole activity aimed at developing skill in May; we also had the Physical Photomanipulation Masterclass with Rex and participated at Tech Expo 2023.

Want to try out future challenges or know when your genre comes up? Then keep your eyes locked on our socials  ( Instagram , Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) for important updates on challenges and simply submit your submission to qualify for an entry. 






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